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UX/Visual Designer by profession and an artist at heart.


Muskan Jain is a full-time UX/Visual Designer and Researcher at Digital Society School,

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences 

based in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

She previously worked at Havells India Pvt. Ltd, collaborating with multidisciplinary designers, creating icons, illustrations, animations, and micro-interactions for better brand experiences. She has also worked at Infosys Digital Design studio in Bangalore, Katha, Mahatta & Co. in New Delhi, India.

She is a trained storyteller who has been working as a visual designer with an undergraduate degree in animation film design from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India. With a passion for bright colours, her work is hip, on-trend and full of energy.


She appreciates the interdisciplinary environment and is enthusiastic to find avenues for innovative solutions and creative exploration. She values companies that help employees maintain healthy work-life balance and focus on individual growth. 


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